Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tuesday Teaser and Trivia

A few Christmases ago my boyfriend bought me the Book Lovers Edition of Trivial Pursuit and I thought I could virtually play with my fellow book lovers, or at least ask you a weekly literary question. So here goes (if you win then please treat yourself to a slice of pie/cake/pizza/delete where appropriate)...

From the Non-Fiction section:

Which Nobel Prize winning writer's autobiography became a bestseller in the Spanish speaking world in 2002?

Quote a couple of spoiler-free sentences from the book you’re reading to tempt others.

"Getting an education was a bit like a communicable sexual disease. It made you unsuitable for a lot of jobs and then you had the urge to pass it on."
From Hogfather by Terry Pratchett p. 40


Jennifer Dee said...

The answer to this teaser is 'The Hive' by camilo Jose Cela who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1989.

Mrs. B. said...

What a great teaser from Pratchett!

JoAnn said...

I love that teaser!

Zee said...

I just read Hogfather and I loved that quote. Great teaser.

Marg said...

Ha! I looked at this and thought, hmmm, I've never thought about an education like that and then I saw which book it came from and it all made a bit more sense!

My teaser is here

Paperback Reader said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for commenting.
Wrong Nobel Prize winner, I am afraid; The Hive was published in 1951, not 2002.

Mrs. B, Isn't it great?! As soon as I read it I knew it had to be used as a teaser.

Thanks, JoAnn! Pratchett is made for teasers, I think.

Zee, there are so many great quotable lines from Hogfather, aren't there?!

Marg, everything seems to make more sense when it's written by Pratchett! Glad that you enjoyed it.

Darlene said...

Stopping by to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas Claire!

Paperback Reader said...

Thanks, Darlene. Have a happy New Year!