Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tuesday Teaser and Trivia

A few Christmases ago my boyfriend bought me the Book Lovers Edition of Trivial Pursuit and I thought I could virtually play with my fellow book lovers, or at least ask you a weekly literary question. So here goes (if you win then please treat yourself to a slice of pie/cake/pizza/delete where appropriate)...

From the Book Club section:

What Pulitzer-winning book notes: "Worse than the ordinary miserable childhood is the miserable Irish childhood?

Quote a couple of spoiler-free sentences from the book you’re reading to tempt others.

"Two of the boys I was running with, boys I had found on the bank of the bloody river, they both went to her. And when they drew close enough, she lifted an automatic rifle and shot through the chests and stomachs of the boys."
From What is the What by Dave Eggers p. 6


verity said...

I can get that answer without too much trouble :)

Interested that you're on What is the what. I don't know very much about it.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking it must be an author that died earlier this year... I dont want to leave the answer and spoil everyone elses fun.

Having said that I am probably wrong hahaha.

Jenny said...

I've never read it but from what I've heard - Angela's Ashes?

Book Psmith said...

Angela's Ashes would be my guess as well. Oh, will I ever get a piece of the pie:)

Paperback Reader said...

Verity, it was an easier question this time and less niche :).

I don't know much about What is the What either except that the other Claire raves about it; I am progressing slowly but I am hoping that my reading picks up once I am home.

Simon, it is one in the same - the timing of the question is appropriate and commemorative.

Jenny, good guess considering you haven't read it!

Stacy, you have a piece of pie!