Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Bibliofreak is hosting an Everything Austen mini-challenge to win an action figure Jane Austen! The challenge is to write a six-word story (or haiku but I've stuck to story) describing any Austen novel or Juvenilia.

This was fun! I created five instead of one - can you guess which Austenite works these six-story lines each describe? Care to try yourself?

Gothic pastiche with love thrown in.

Epistolary freindship and parody; misspelling Austen's.

Universal truth: women seek rich husbands.

Matchmaking often results in broken hearts.

Pride and Prejudice for mature lovers.

In other news, I ordered my Persephone Secret Santa gift for me Santee last week and that should be winging its way to them now; I also received the name for my Book Blogger Holiday Swap recipient yesterday and planning what to send to them. I love planning bookish gifts for fellow bloggers! Choosing books for other people that you hope they enjoy is incredibly exciting.

Quote a couple of spoiler-free sentences from the book you’re reading to tempt others.

"Belinda was thankful Agatha was out of hearing. 'Yes, I thought the cakes were lovely."
Some Tame Gazelle by Barbara Pym p. 34


J.T. Oldfield said...

My guesses:

Northanger Abbey

Love & Freindship

P & P



Am I right?

verity said...

I had fun guessing those! I like your miscellany of things posted about here :)

Dot said...

I love the Jane Austen action figure!! I may have to put one of those on my Christmas list!

Paperback Reader said...

J.T. Oldfield, yes, you were correct! Thanks for hosting such a fun mini-challenge.

Verity, it's not that often I get to write a miscellany and I enjoyed it; if I had had more time yesterday there were other things I would have liked to have mentioned.

Dot, isn't she lovely? I covet one.

Darlene said...

A few years ago, a coworker called me to say she had found a Jane Austen action figure in a mail-order catalogue. I still laugh at that unlikely combination of words!

Paperback Reader said...

That's an incongruous statement if ever there was, Darlene! Ha.

Jodie said...

I've had so much fun buying books for all the holiday swaps.

Paperback Reader said...

Jodie, they are such wonderful experiences! I am glad that I joined in as I'm having fun choosing gifts.

Serena said...

I have this figure and love it.

Gothic pastiche with love thrown in: Mansfield Park

Epistolary freindship and parody; misspelling Austen's: Love & Friendship

Universal truth: women seek rich husbands: Pride & Prejudice

Matchmaking often results in broken hearts: Emma

Pride and Prejudice for mature lovers: Persuasion

I got my holiday swap name too. I can't wait to plan out the gift and to see what everyone gets. Its fun!

Serena said...

Actually, on second thought:

Gothic pastiche with love thrown in: Northanger Abbey

Epistolary freindship and parody; misspelling Austen's: Mansfield Park

Paperback Reader said...

Serena, you were correct the first time with Love and Freindship and correct the second time with Northanger Abbey.

Serena said...

I should have thought about it more closely before posting the first time. LOL

Paperback Reader said...

Haha, well overall, Serena, you did get them all right - just at different times! I won the Jane Austen action figure :).