Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Ulysses Update

Currently Peter is reading the Irish Ulysses. After many attempts he has not read pas the first twenty pages. Something in the language has prevented him, he says. But on the last attempt a revelation! The text is a doorway, or a device for transporting the mind. In itself it resists interpretation, but instead affords the opportunity to think in tandem, like a man riding a bicycle while on board a ship. Peter thinks this is what Joyce intended. It will not make him unhappy to be oblivious to the narrative until the book's very end, he writes, for he is sure to enlighten his mind in other ways.
How to Paint a Dead Man by Sarah Hall p. 105

"Like an man riding a bicycle while on board a ship" - isn't this a fabulous quote? If only I were thinking in tandem with Joyce or eve riding the bicycle but, alas, I don't even have the stabilisers on; the bicycle is propped against the wall and hasn't been taken for a ride for some weeks. I have a number of two-page installments to catch up on; I plan to blitz them in the one sitting and that should take me to page 25o or so.


Anonymous said...

I am so keen to be in on the Ulysses project but the last month has been the busiest reading (and actually life in general) month in ages. Maybe when I take a month off in October I can finally play catch up and get a grip on everything ha!

Paperback Reader said...

Simon, since Persephone Reading Week I've been playing catch up with all the books that I have to read and it's rather overwhelming! Ulysses definitely had to take a backseat for a while.