Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday Teaser and Trivia

A few Christmases ago my boyfriend bought me the Book Lovers Edition of Trivial Pursuit and I thought I could virtually play with my fellow book lovers, or at least ask you a weekly literary question. So here goes (if you win then please treat yourself to a slice of pie/cake/pizza/delete where appropriate)...

From the Book Bag section:
What three words begin Lilian Jackson Braun mystery titles: Said Cheese, Saw Stars and Sniffed Glue?

Quote a couple of spoiler-free sentences from the book you’re reading to tempt others.

"The millions of eggs that we women begin with are cleanly destroyed through an innate cell program called apoptosis. The eggs do not simply die - they commit suicide."
Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier p. 3


Geraldine said...

Oooh, another one that I know, "The Cat Who . . . . "

Jenny said...

"The Cat Who..." :)

I love your weekly literary questions (especially when I know the answers).

Paperback Reader said...

I love Koko and Yum Yum, Geraldine :).

Happy to oblige, Jenny!

Karenlibrarian said...

I have this game and I never play it, it is just too difficult. Very embarassing for someone who considers herself a bibliophile!

Paperback Reader said...

Hi Karen, thanks for commenting. I agree that it is a difficult game! A lot of the questions are very niche.