Monday, 2 March 2009

Happy Birthday to You, Dr Seuss!

Thanks to Google and it's fabulous design today, I am informed that it is the birthday of Dr Seuss, which deserves a blog post. Oh, how I love Dr Seuss! I'm an adult fan; I don't recall reading him much when I was younger, except for The Cat in the Hat; now I try to share Seuss books with the children in my life. Speaking of which: I bought My Many Coloured Days for my sister many years ago from the book shop in the Tate Modern Gallery Bookshop on a trip to London (now I live here). It is unlike other books by Seuss and is about feeling differently, of different moods and emotions (colours) on different days and reminds me of some things I have read about Autism and how children on the spectrum can relate to the world in colours (and the colour spectrum). I heartily recommend it, for young and old. "Some days are yellow. Some are blue. On different days I'm different too." What it lacks in characteristic Seuss visual imagery (has its own illustrators), the book makes up for in whimsy.

I think I will try to fit in a quick re-read of Green Eggs and Ham this afternoon; I can't think of anything more delicious and celebratory!

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