Saturday, 7 March 2009

Baking Banana Bread and Other Stories

Baking Banana Bread and Other Stories makes a quaint title for a collection of short stories, I think; somewhat like Mary Norton's Bread and Butter Stores (Virago). Alas, it is not a collection that yet exists, nor that I am reviewing but refers to the banana bread I currently have in the oven. It is my first attempt and I'm not a frequent baker so I am somewhat nervous.

The other stories? I don't actually think I have any ... I'm not feeling very creative today, I'm afraid. I may do later once I have a tummy full of light and fluffy (I hope) banana bread. I imagine that the pretend stories would also be light and fluffy but wouldn't smell nearly as good (not that the smell of new books isn't divine, because it is, but the smell of my banana bread is very promising).


Doigy said...

One of my favorite beers is called 'Banana Bread Beer'. Banana's are put into the brew and the flavour really comes through. Just the most sublime drink ever with a curry (of course!)

Paperback Reader said...

Mmmm, I'm not a beer drinker unless it is infused with raspberries or cherries but that sounds delicious!