Monday, 18 May 2009

If I Stay

I read If I Stay by Gayle Forman over two sittings on Saturday; I love devouring a book in that way and it is always testimony to the compelling nature of the story. I read this rather enigmatic review of the book by dovegreyreader last Monday, my curiousity was piqued, and I HAD to read the book.

Like dovegreyreader I am loath to divulge anything about it. It is a YA book that is gripping and poignant and highly identifiable: even grey and banal people with no imagination can stretch theirs to imagine how one's life can suddenly -in an instant- change and the grief and loss that comes with that. For the most part this is an uplifting book that wonderfully weaves the present (the crux of the novel's plot occuring over one day) with flashbacks of Mia's -the seventeen year old protagonist- life in admirable seamless stream-of-conscious like connections. It is certainly a thought-provoking read and most definitely a compelling one. I love a good yarn and this is without a doubt one of them.

Read it.

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